imalive chocolate (raw chocolate) イマリブチョコレート

chocolatier HARUKA によるcraft raw vegan chocolate 専門店。

海外認定オーガニックフェアトレードの生カカオ raw cacaoを使用し、甘味料は良質なものを極力控えめに使い非加熱(48°以下)で丁寧に仕上げていきます。

ワンバッチずつのテイスティング 、ワントレイずつのテンパリングを行い、
大切なものをそこなうことのないように 製造工程のほとんどを手作業にて行っています。

Dairy free, Soy free, gluten free/乳製品・保存料・乳化剤・大豆・豆乳・ピーナッツ・小麦は不使用を基本とします。

また、ローフードを好まれる方は 現在使用中のココナッツシュガー、キビ糖、米粉は熱処理がされております.。ご注意ください。

現在、imalivechocolate では2種類の口溶けを味わっていただけるようになりました。

生カカオ/ Raw Cacao とは非加熱・天日乾燥のカカオ。

カカオには、ビタミンのほか、鉄・マグネ シウム・亜鉛・銅などのミネラルが豊富に含まれ、

そこで、カカオをRAW (カカオをローストすることなく48°C以下の低温処理で作る) の状態で 
Raw chocolate を作るわけです。




We use certified organic and fair trade raw cacao and a small amount of high quality sweeteners.
Nuts are other ingredients are carefully selected and dehydrated in low temperature.
No Dairy, preservatives, emulsifier, soy, peanuts and wheat contained in most of our products.
Please see ingredients for further information.
We use Raw cacao, abundant in nutrition and has a clean after taste to create delicious and beautiful chocolates.
We hope you enjoy our creations.

Raw Cacao is a natural superfood rich in nutrients such as vitamins, iron, magnesium, zinc, copper. Other important components are Polyphenol an antioxidant, Theobromine which promotes blood flow and regulate autonomic function and Tryptophan which helps restore mental balance.
When Cacao is roasted at a high temperature, many of these nutrients are lost.
This is why we make raw chocolates using RAW cacao by low-temperature process under 48℃.

Every piece is carefully made by hand, a small batch at a time, each tray by tray.

Chocolates our extremely sensitive.
White spots may appear and flavors may be lost due to the change of temperature and humidity.

Store in a cool dark place under 18℃.
“ivory” and “beige” products should be kept refrigerated.
Bring to room temperature before eating.

In order to draw out the sensitive flavors and aromas, we use a small amount of high quality sweeteners.

“dark” and “beige” series
Contains organic and fair trade coconut sugar which controls the blood-sugar level.

“ivory” series (some contain coconut sugar)
Contains cane sugar made in Kikaijima, rich in minerals

Contains Monk fruit to reduce as much sugar as possible. A slight amount (approx 2%) of beet sugar is contained in monk fruit.

For further information, see ingredients and product page in our online store.


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